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Gallery Folders:

::bulletgreen:Anthro art: Images depicting creatures that combine human form combined with form taken from other species. (Furry art belongs to this folder, too)
:bulletgreen:Taur art: Images depicting creatures with humanoid upper body joined onto a non-anthropomorphic lower body.
:bulletgreen:Transformation art: Any art depicting interspecies transformations that comes to your mind.
:bulletgreen:Hybrid creatures: Images depicting creatures that combines elements taken from several species.
:bulletgreen:Hermaphrodite creatures: All hermaphrodites and newly invented genders.
:bulletgreen:Sequences: Do you have a series of images that should be seen together? Post them here.
:bulletgreen:Literature: Poetry, prose, ... What you want :-) Any written work depicting anthros, taurs, hybrids, ...
:bulletgreen:Other art: If you don't know where your work belong, put it here :-)
:bulletgreen:Concepts and sketches: Unfinished art.

:bulletred:We don't want any hard porn but adult content including some kind of soft yiff may be OK.